A warm welcome to Digital Architect Services.

A design led architectural practice with many years of experience across the built environment.

Our skilled team thrives on providing a high level of service, tailored to fit your projects and requirements. We are able to produce digital drawings and graphics using the latest CAD and BIM modelling software.

Services Include


1) Adopting/Developing into construction ready designs

2) Interdisciplinary detailing

3) Assembly information

4) Fabrication information



1) Detailing to manufacture level

2) Detailing to assembly level

3) Design management

Virtual Design and Construction

1) Construction

2) Design

3) Authorship

Structural Steelworks

Our team are well versed in delivering on time and within budget. We have the software, willingness and knowledge to help with things like portal frame buildings, secondary steelworks, platforms, walkways or structural steel staircases.

Architectural Metalwork

With the nothing is impossible attitude, growing in this ever competitive world of stand out design, we excel at looking after complex projects and continually strive to meet your high expectations.


BIM Management Services

By turning data digital, more can be accomplished in a quicker timeframe with less errors.

The more a project can be standardised with collaborating parties working together, the better the chance of completing within the expected timescales and budget.

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