BIM Consultancy & Project Management

We can manage and deliver your BIM projects

Building information Modelling (BIM) is not just important, but a requirement with many larger projects. If you want to deliver your products and services into one of these projects but do not have the BIM knowledge do to so, then we can help you secure and deliver your next BIM project.

As well as BIM project management, we can also deliver the BIM objects you need for the project, whether for you or your partners and supply chain.

BIM covers everything from early conceptual stages, through design, construction, the operational life and eventual demolition of the facility.


Improves the efficiency of your project


Reduces waste, risks and costs

Improves profitability and health & safety

Helping to provide a better service & maximising value.

Building Information Modelling plays a significant role in the built environment future following the UK Government’s mandate.

We can produce the BIM objects you need.

Benefits of BIM

  • Elimination of Waste
  • Coordination of Stakeholders
  • Design & Detailing Accuracy
  • Increase of Productivity

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