Architectural Services

Working closely with our clients, communities and design teams we produce uplifting, commercially successful and transformational places and spaces. Our extensive cross-sector experience helps us piece together the mixed-use jigsaw at all stages of the project from initial masterplan and concept design through to technical resolution and construction. We ensure that uses combine and coexist resulting in places where people love to live, work, learn and play.

The development of a thorough and accurate brief is key to the success of any new home. At the outset of each project, we spend time with you, listening to your aspirations, functional requirements and future plans. By understanding how you want to live, we’re able to create a home that’s well-loved both now and in years to come. 

We value and enjoy the opportunity to share the experience of creating your new home. We understand that it’s more than just bricks and mortar, it’s about designing spaces that surprise, delight, soothe and inspire. Landscaping is important too. By blurring inside and outside, we’re able to create homes that feel spacious and bright.



Building information Modelling (BIM) is not just important, but a requirement with many larger projects. If you want to deliver your products and services into one of these projects but do not have the BIM knowledge do to so, then we can help you secure and deliver your next BIM project.

As well as BIM project management, we can also deliver the BIM objects you need for the project, whether for you or your partners and supply chain.

BIM covers everything from early conceptual stages, through design, construction, the operational life and eventual demolition of the facility.

Building Information Modelling plays a significant role in the built environment future following the UK Government’s mandate.

We can produce the BIM objects you need.


As a well-known 2D CAD drafting service provider, DAS CAD service helps you with potential and cost-effective technologies and tools. We are offering 2D CAD drafting to various fields like Civil engineering, Architectural engineering, Structural engineering, Electrical engineering, and Mechanical engineering. With the several years of a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of drafters , who are specialized in all aspects of 2D Drafting and drawing, we offer pixel-perfect 2D CAD drafting services for all types of design plan according to your requirements.



Computer Generated Imagery allows you to showcase products or services in ways that traditional photography can't. Whether an item is impossible to photograph or you need to change certain aspects of a product, our CGI artists, generalists, and compositors work with you to create photographic quality images that you can use to connect with your consumers.

To create this reality, it takes the right team. As a versatile studio, we have a range of experts available to turn your idea into a completed CGI room set. That includes having our stylist work with you to execute your vision thoroughly. From color schemes to a specific appliance, our team collaborates with yours to address every element of your desired look and find the best, most cost-effective solution for your project.