Inspired Objects and PODs

Digital Architect Services can work with you to configure, design and provide pre-configured modular and digital PODs, ready to go. Our Digital Inspired PODs mean that our / your clients and associated manufacturers, as well as any smaller contractor and architect that we partner with, are able to easily, quickly and more cost effectively, specify a range of rooms, small buildings and/or extensions.

Inspired Objects

Any manufacturer we work with, are able to provide Inspired Objects (models we draw up). These are full BIM objects in their own right of the manufacturers’ products, bespoke items that are altered as necessary for the particular project being undertaken.

Where manufacturers are included in an Inspired Pod, by using Inspired Objects, this ensures they contain all the necessary information and detail included as the components of the Inspired PODs, meaning they work in the model.

Inspired PODs

Inspired PODs are the bringing together of manufacturers with a range of complementary components designed to work together in one digital model that is delivered for the project. Furthermore, where possible, these are brought together on a regional basis, keeping the project expertise and fulfilment local to the project which benefits both cost and delivery.

Essentially, this allows end clients, architects, designers, builders etc. to easily and with great cost effectiveness, specify anything from just one room, up to a range of rooms, small buildings and/or extensions.

Having an Inspired Pod allows the easy configuration, stretching and moving of bespoke items along with the adding of objects and components that we already know work together within it.  Not forgetting, the manufacturers and costs already lined up from the start.

This makes going from specification to planning (if required), procurement to building and fitting, a relatively straightforward and controlled process.

Example make-up of an Inspired Pod

1) Base

Choose from either Fresh or Refresh

A fresh POD is for new builds or extensions where there are more fundamental aspects to be provided, this could include HVAC, electrical and plumbing, doorsets, windows, skirting, flooring, partitions and various preparations.

A refresh is where a refurbishment or renovation is required; this is then the base preparation of the room shell so it’s ready for the chosen fitting or design to be added.  

2) Add a Collection

How appetising do you want it?

The ‘Fitted’ components within the POD include any bespoke furniture, for example cupboards or shelving; as well as individual items of standalone furniture, such as desks, chairs and tables.

Fitted + includes additional choices to the Fitted option.

PODs are able to be Designed, up-front, with a range of quality design elements within the rooms, for example, wall papers, carpets or pictures.

Design + includes additional choices to the Design option.

Inspired PODs can be created for many sectors, including:
  • Retail
  • Student Accommodation
  • ‘Budget’ Hotels
  • Care Homes
  • Offices
  • Residential Extensions
  • Hospitality – restaurants/takeaways

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