Digital Architect Services (DAS) provides professional architectural services for both commercial and residential clients; whilst providing great value and being friendly and approachable.

For both residential and commercial planning, we cover all aspects of design, from an initial sketch / concept design through to detailed planning and building regulation drawings as well as submission.

Our team can also provide tender packages for contractor pricing purposes, as well as tender submission and analysis on behalf of clients; we can also add builder recommendations and full on-site supervision.

We have a very flexible way of working, so if you require our work remotely without needing to come to site or your location, where possible we can do that and it can save you additional time and cost; of course, there are many times where we do need to come out, we can do this and even manage your project with full turnkey project management if you need!

Sometimes, our clients require a quick turnaround, so just let us know any looming deadlines and we will work to your needs, ensuring you get the results you require.

All our architectural drawings we produce are to the highest standard and we can include everything needed on them to be worked on by builders and trades. We have the ability to provide 3D visuals of your project so you can clearly see and show others what your project is about.