BCDS Services provide a range of CAD drafting, 3D modelling, BIM and 3D rendering services as well as admin support.

Mansfield, UK

“Totally professional throughout, I would have no hesitation in recommending Digital Architects to anyone who is after great value services”

Thank you Ian. Ian Shelton is the Technical Director of BCDS Services, a leading UK technical drawing business. Ian and his team rely on Digital Architect Services to complement their clients’ needs for a comprehensive package. We have supported BCDS with high value, prestigious developments in the past few years and BCDS share our hard working ethos and attention to detail. Whether you want a 2d/3d drawing or a full animation of a working industrial machine, modular construction or even a door, Ian is where you need to go to. If you want something on the outside of a building still go to him, but more than likely you will be speaking with us!

HQDC – Nottinghamshire

Huntingdon, UK

“A fantastic team where nothing is impossible, thank you for your support!”

It’s our pleasure. Aadam is the founder of HQDC, a development business based in the Midlands. HQDC look for potential in existing buildings and locations, converting them to increase returns for themselves and fellow investors. It may look like all the property bargains have disappeared but Aadam’s team still seem to uncover gems, we hope, with our help! We have been involved in several projects with HQDC and will continue to provide the high level of drawings in various formats along with assistance with planning permission for the foreseeable future. 


Luton, UK

“Thank you, half the price and twice the speed!!”

Thank you Bobby for your business! Bobby and his family were looking to extend their home but were being met with costs even before they had any idea what they wanted! Bobby took the initiative and booked a free consultation with us and after around 15 minutes it was clear what they wanted and a few days later we were able to confirm the costs, likely timescales and as a welcome surprise, they didn’t even need planning permission! It turned out really well for him and as a result of that free 15 minute consultation, he has provided dozens of referrals that we are very grateful for, so as we said at the beginning, thank you Bobby!

Mr Nasir

Milton Keynes, UK

“We treat DAS like its ours and knowing we have the resource at our disposal,

makes our decision making even better!”

Very heartwarming Pervez, thank you. We have been supplying the Nasirs with surveys,drawings, plans and planning submissions since before we were a company as our Head Architect has known them for a number of years. The Nasirs have built up a small property empire and this has been down to their keen eye on eeking out the most potential from their property spend and keeping a keen eye on costs. DAS excel on lowering drawing costs as we are a remote business, we are able to pass most of our business savings to our clients. Clients like the Nasirs who treat us like one of their own!

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